From September 2013 I will attempt to cycle round the world, 18000 miles in an easterly direction. 


I hope to raise money for the British Red Cross which, as part of The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, has been helping people in crisis, often caused by a third party, for nearly two hundred years. 

Of course there are concerns; bandits in Central America, drug runners and kidnapping in South America, savage dogs in east Anatolia, visas in Iran, civil war in Kyrgystan, the mountain passes and police check points in Tibet, and of course running out of time or money. 


But there is also the feeling of freedom on the road, the excitement of exploration, the physical challenge of the days ride. A whole world of adventure and possibility.


I'm sure the route will change, the goals will shift, the time will soon go. But I will be left with great memories and thats all I need to know. 

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